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Da Commander's Log

Set phasors for heavy stun, Lieu-ten-ant!

The Commander
27 September
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The Origin of the title "The Commander"
It was the Summer of 2003. A bunch of us at good old CUAA decided to work on campus during the summer. Minimum wage wasn't all what we lived on. Starcraft was the name the game, and Star Trek: TNG was the name of the show of choice. It was a time to get to know one another and thus nicknames were made. Goddd and I exchanged hellos with the line "Commander" in the voice and tone as a Marine from Starcraft. Well, it stuck. It was wasn't much later, everyone else was getting a nickname. Nacho was Captain Sisko, Jimmy was Doctor Ears, and Casey was Counselor. It wasn't until October Will and Mike went and decided to get me a Live Journal. This was in the days when one could get a LJ by invite only. Because of that, they had set it up for me. Guess what name they used? The name still stands and I tell the story whenever someone asks.
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